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Careers Springboard East Berkshire (CSEB) is a self-help organisation for those seeking to get back to work. We provide a caring environment to restore the confidence of our members and support them during their search for new employment.

What Careers Springboard East Berkshire can do for you!

Careers Springboard provides free information and support to its members to help re-build their careers and restore their self-confidence.

  • We provide members with the opportunity to meet one another and share experiences in job seeking

  • Our programme of regular weekly meetings will improve your understanding of and skills in job seeking techniques

  • Speakers familiar with current job search techniques lead our group discussions

  • Individual help with C.V preparation if required

  • Coaching is given in planning your response to advertisements, networking, maintaining resilience and well-being and coping with the many problems associated with being out of work.

  • Individual help with interview preparation and practice

What can you do for Careers Springboard East Berkshire ?

Careers Springboard draws on the time and talents of many individuals who generously donate their services for you. To derive maximum benefit you should:

  • Regularly attend our Thursday morning meetings and be prepared to actively contribute

  • Bring your experiences of job seeking and share them informally with other members

  • Assist other members by using your skills and contacts to help them

  • Keep Careers Springboard informed of your progress towards a new career especially when you get a new role.

Terms and Conditions

I have read and accept the CSEB Charter.

I also consent to any of my personal details being maintained on manual and computerised records and being passed to other Careers Springboard East Berkshire members for job search purposes, and the support and development of Careers Springboard only.

Important: Any support, information or assistance is given or offered by Careers Springboard free of charge and in good faith, but no liability whatsoever will accrue to Careers Springboard or any person acting on behalf thereof for any loss or damage suffered or alleged to have been suffered by any person as a result of such support, information or assistance.

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