We’d like to welcome you to our Job Club. 

If you are looking for help and support as you search for a job, change career, down-size your role or are just starting your career journey, DO join us. We can Help! 

The Club runs weekly (term time) and each meeting include a presentation by a professional speaker on topics ranging from how best to use LinkedIn, how to handle Competency based interviews, how to manage nerves and remain confident, how to write great CV’s and many more topics.

Our programme of topics cycles around,  so you can join at any time and know that you will still get all the information and help you need.

Our volunteers also provide personal, 1:1, support and coaching to help you figure out your next steps, write your CV, prepare for interviews or help with whatever your personal challenge is.

Our members tell us, that in addition to all the great information and personal support they receive, the most important thing to them is:

  • The weekly routine of being in a work-like environment and feeling professional
  • The friendliness within the group that makes it a safe place to celebrate what’s going well and also to talk about what’s not going so well
  • The camaraderie from knowing everyone’s in the same boat and we all have your back when you’re not feeling at your best
  • Sharing of experiences and realising it’s ‘not just me’

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

The Job Club Volunteers