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John gets a Job!

Our congratulations go to John who has reported that he has been successful in getting a new job.  John writes:

I would just like to advise that I have a new job and start on Thursday this week.
It is the industry that I wanted to get into (Construction, energy saving, Eco) and will be working for a 4 year old company manufacturing (Scandinavian) high performance windows and doors (think grand designs and passiv haus level)

I would especially like to thank Hugh for the CV support and Malcolm for the advice and mentoring and that I could leave IT /public safety if I could find a way and believe – well I managed it.

Amazing that for the first time I had one interview, was offered the job in less than 24 hours and agreed a package that works enough to have a new career.

I will try and come back to a Thursday session and explain the circumstances

Thanks again!




Thierry gets a New Job!
Our congratulations go to Thierry who has reported that he has secured a contract with a company based in Hong Kong.


Alistair is developing his Wine Business

Our congratulations go to Alistair who has reported that he is now devoting his time to developing his wine business.

Alistair writes: I have been building the framework for a consultancy business, now have gifts to sell and am studying for MBA. I am now set about doing a lot of networking and pushing my name out there. 

I am very grateful for the support along the way of Hugh (CVs) and Malcolm (Legal & Counsel), as well as yourself (Brian).   I want to pass on my personal gratitude to the many individuals who give up paid work to give their insights and expertise to the group.

The social side of being able to meet up with people in broadly similar situations and reflect positively in what we can do, as opposed in wallowing in what we can’t do, is enormously therapeutic and helpful in re-shaping the future.

And that is not to ignore the many excellent activities that you plan for and organise. In the 6 months or so of attendance, I don’t think that there is one session that I haven’t taken something positive from that I can work on and improves my lot. LinkedIn – Mark White – presentation – Justin McCarthy – Interviews – Springboard – to name but a few.

And then there is the network – oh the network – the invaluable network – already led me to places that I never expected and routes I wouldn’t have explored without EBEJC.

Best regards



Robert gets a new Job!

Our congratulations go to Robert who has advised us that he now has a new job.  Robert writes:

It’s a new role in the company that made me redundant at the end of April.  It’s a bigger job than the one I left in April, and the indicators are that it will be more interesting and rewarding. Fingers crossed!

Thank you to the EBEJC team for your support with my job search while I was looking. When I reflect on my few months of unemployment, the EBEJC is one of the most positive experiences: I gained knowledge, confidence and camaraderie, and I really can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards,



Yuen Har tells us about her new Job

As some of you know Yuen Har generously brought in cakes to share with members to celebrate her great success and spoke enthusiastically about her new job at last week’s meeting.

For those of you who didn’t come along to last Thursday’s session Yuen Har wrote to us and asked us to share her great news as follows:

After over four years of job searching, I have finally got a local, full time, permanent job paying me much more than I was earning when my position was made redundant by Nortel!! I am now working for Three in Maidenhead as a Solution Designer. This is a combination of Business Analyst (which I was doing before) and Solution Architect.

During the 4 years, I kept busy with a variety of activities: applying for jobs, attending interviews, networking, and doing regular voluntary work for the Maidenhead Citizens Advice Bureau, the council and the local housing association. I had over 40 interviews and over 40 rejections! I didn’t know what else I could do as I was getting good feedback from interviews. I suspected that there was a lot of unspoken fear about me being registered blind.

Then, out of the blue on Friday 13th March, I had an e-mail out of the blue from a manager at Three who’d interviewed me twice before and given me good feedback (though no job then). He offered me a 6 months fixed term employment contract backfilling for one of his Business Analysts who was on sabbatical. I thought that was a miracle! Friday 13th is my lucky day!

Two months after starting, the director group started being restructured and the teams were put at risk of redundancy, including me! It was the best thing that could have happened in my situation because it meant I would get priority in applying for the restructured jobs, and help for interview and redeployment internally if it didn’t work out. I applied for 2 of the new jobs and was offered one of them on a full time permanent basis!!

I consider myself very lucky that my manager gave me that initial starting chance. It’s an absolute miracle. I now have a great professional job, great renumeration, and very convenient and close location for me to get to.

Throughout the 4 years, I regularly attended the Executive Job Club which was a godsend. I learnt a lot about effective job searching from re-doing my CV, writing effective covering letters, how to network and the need to do so, producing a few TMAYs and learned lots from the variety of weekly talks. The job club also added to the structure of my week and I always came away encouraged with something new to try to keep me going during those long months and years. It was a vital resource for me, and the bonus is that I made some long lasting friendships.

I thank all the volunteers more than I can express. You are doing a fantastic and vital job. If I can do anything in the future to help, please let me know.

With love and thanks,

     Yuen Har


Harry has been successful in getting a Job! 
Our congratulations go to Harry who has reported that he has been successful in finding work:

Great news I have managed to secure a new job. 
It all happened very quickly with an offer being made within an hour or so of my first interview, even the agent was impressed as he normally said the company has a two stage process. 
Key learning points, which I am, happy for you to share. 

1)      CV – the agent said it was one of the first where hadn’t needed to go back to have it changed. All fact & figures were there to back up my claims, so a big thanks & credit to Hugh, for his help

2)      Being prepared – I spent almost a day researching the company & evidenced it at the interview (The HR lady seemed very impressed). I also read “Winning at interviews” by Alan Jones, which gave me new confidence

3)      TMAY – First question, so I walked through the points relevant to the position on my CV

4)      STAR – I gave plenty of examples throughout the interview as evidence to their questions. (the hirer said I had shown more experience then the next candidate)

5)      Close – It’s a sales job so they were expecting it. It also brought up one reservation which I addressed when I thanked them for the interview. 

I can honestly say the support & learning from East Berks has been superb & made a significant contribution towards my success.  

Many thanks!! Harry


Brian finds new Employment

Our congratulations go to Brian who has reported that he has been successful in finding work. Brian writes:

I won’t be able to make it on Thursday, for the very best reason- I’m working. I’ve got an agency assignment for – according to the agency- five weeks, but agencies are pretty notoriously inaccurate on this matter. Success was down to a lot of good luck, and a little good judgement- I used the Jobsite emails to get names of agencies, phoned them up with a “Can I get a CV over to you?” and basically was in the right frame at the right time.

Thanks to all for the help and encouragement, and in the nicest possible way, I hope *NOT* to see you again soon.

There must be a nicer way of phrasing that……….


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