Member Services

Our weekly meetings offer presentations and workshops covering many aspects of job search, also providing the opportunity to share your experience and to network with other members and invited speakers.

Benefits: We’re a free volunteer-led self-help group, offering:

  • Guidance on all aspects of job seeking and career change

  • Friendly support while searching for a job or starting a business

  • Help in rebuilding confidence

  • Networking help (many jobs are found through networking and never advertised)

  • Finding the right local networking organisations

  • Online networks such as Linked In

At our weekly meetings you can learn and practise essential skills such as…

  • Resilience and Attitude

  • Marketing yourself

  • Writing a great CV

  • Successful Job Applications

  • Interview Skills – handling those tough questions!

  • Local Business Networking

  • Online Networking including Linked In

  • Executive Search

  • Networking with Social Media

  • Presenting yourself

  • Psychometric Testing

The meetings are interactive and there’s plenty of opportunity to network with other members.

Personal CV & LinkedIn Advice

As well as regular presentations, the Job Club is able to provide expert individual advice to help you create your CV and LinkedIn profile. Private sessions can be arranged between members and volunteers at a time and place to suit both.

Interview Help

Our volunteers will help you prepare for an interview. We ask that these sessions are booked in advance and that copies of the job advertisement, description, CV and Cover Letter are provided to allow proper preparation.

Benefits to you:

The interview will be geared to the actual interview, so will give you the opportunity to see how well you perform and practise responses to difficult questions. It will leave you more confident and better prepared.

Career Coaching

We are fortunate enough to have qualified career coaches and people with a high level of recruitment experience within our volunteer group. Generally support is available free of charge when it’s provided within the Thursday meetings. However, if you would like to take advantage of private coaching support, this is available for a nominal fee and at a fraction of normal coaching rates. Please talk to your chosen coach for more information.

Join our LinkedIn Group

The Job Club has been set up as a Group on LinkedIn through which you can connect with other members. It will allow you to connect with friends and colleagues in a business environment, sharing your CV and business profile.

What to do:

You will first need to join LinkedIn:

Go to, press the join now button and follow the directions.

Once you become a member, you can ask to Join our Group

When accepted, this connection will allow you to view all Members and Volunteers who are connected.

Member networking and coffee morning

In addition to the weekly (term time) programme, one of our members also runs a social Coffee Morning every Wednesday from 10.00am. This is time for members to get together to socialise and provide help, support and advice to one another.

Please see below for details:

Important Note:

The information is given in good faith. No responsibility whatsoever shall attach to Careers Springboard East Berkshire Job Club or any person acting on behalf of the same in respect of any advice, information or assistance in whatever form it may be provided for the benefit of members, dependants or others.

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